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Surah Fussilat

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Surah Fuṣṣilat is the 41st surah of the Holy Qur'an. This Makki surah, with an obligatory prostration, begins in juz` 24 and ends in juz` 25. The word "fussilat" meaning "elaborated" is mentioned in ayah 3 and hence named and known for it. Surah Fussilat is mostly about disbelievers turning from the Qur'an. Unity of God, the prophethood of the Prophet of Islam (S), the Day of Judgement and mentioning the destinies of the people of 'Ad and Thamud are among other topics mentioned in this surah.

One of the famous ayaah in this surah is ayah 34 which invited the Prophet (S) to have the best of manner against ill treatments of disbelievers. As per the order of revelation, this is the 61st surah revealed to our beloved Holy Prophet (S). The surah is also called the Surah of Sajdah and Masābih (stars) as well; because it is among the four 'Aza'im surahs (suras which have obligatory prostration) and that the word "masābih" is mentioned in ayah 12 of this surah.  This is one of the Hawamim surahs and has 54 ayah, 796 words and 3,364 letters.  It is not permissible to recite this surah in the obligatory prayers just like all other surahs that have obligatory prostration.

It is transmitted from the Prophet (S) that whoever recites Surah Fussilat, will be given rewards ten times more than the number of the letters in this surah.

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